Retainers & Mouth Guards

Retainers & Mouthguards in Bethlehem & Kutztown, PA

Safeguard your investment in your exquisite smile with a mouthguard and retainer. They’re proven to protect your smile for years to come.



After you’ve put in the hard work to develop a healthy and appealing smile, you’ll wear a retainer to maintain the alignment of your teeth and integrity of your bite. 

Because teeth tend to shift over time, a properly worn retainer ensures that your teeth remain in the correct position for optimal health, function, and appearance.


A retainer can last for years if you take good care of it. You only need to remember 3 C's:

Consistently wear it

Dr. Viechnicki will explain the proper wear of your retainer. Following those guidelines is vital to smile maintenance.

Clean it daily

Brush your retainer every time you brush your teeth to remove plaque and food particles that invite tooth decay and gum disease. You can soak it in a denture cleaner, too, but daily brushing is fundamental.

Case it immediately

If it’s not in your mouth, it’s got to be in its case. Retainers are easily lost, especially in lunchrooms and restaurants. Your case also protects the retainer from damage or from becoming your pet’s chew toy.

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Dr. Viechnicki may recommend a mouthguard to protect your teeth and appliances if you or your child participates in contact sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, boxing, football, gymnastics, or hockey.

Think of a mouthguard like a cushioned helmet for your teeth and mouth that protects you in a few different ways:

  • Protects teeth from getting chipped or knocked out.

  • Acts as a barrier between your braces and your lips, cheeks, and tongue to prevent cuts and abrasions during contact. 

  • Prevents damage to brackets, wires, or other parts of your orthodontic appliances.

  • Prevents the jaws from coming together fully so you don’t bite your tongue and can avoid injuries to your jaw joint.

  • Protects your teeth and appliances during non-contact activities, too, like skateboarding, biking, and climbing.

Talk to Dr. Viechnicki today about the best way to defend your pearly whites.

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