Braces in Bethlehem & Kutztown, PA

Treatment options for an impressive smile.

Straightening teeth with braces offers lifelong benefits:

• Straight teeth look better and minimize unnecessary wear and tear.

• Aligned teeth are much easier to clean, reducing decay and gum disease.

• A gorgeous smile gives children and adults confidence to succeed throughout their lives.


Traditional Metal Braces

The classic high-grade, stainless steel brackets and archwires of traditional metal braces are more comfortable today than ever before. They’re the most common orthodontic solution because they consistently deliver fantastic results for patients of all ages. You can even add a splash of personality to your look by choosing colored elastics (rubber bands).



Ceramic Braces

We offer clear braces for those with an eye toward aesthetics. Clear braces straighten your teeth in the same way as metal braces do, but the brackets are made from a durable ceramic that resembles the color of your tooth enamel. Get the same fantastic outcome with a more subtle look.

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