Before and After Invisalign: Mild Crowding

In this before and after, you are going to see how we helped a college student with mild crowding get a better smile without braces. The pictures below are from one of Dr. Viechnicki’s actual Invisalign patients with mild crowding of her upper and lower front teeth.

Mild crowding of front teeth before Invisalign

Crowding happens when there is not enough space for teeth to fit together properly. Top image: the space available for the canine (green line) is too small for the size of the tooth (blue line). Because of the crowding, the tooth looks rotated and pushed out of alignment. Bottom image: when the patient smiles, the same tooth (blue asterisk) as in the top photo looks out of alignment. Because of the crowding, the tooth was not able to come down all the way to where it should have. This is an actual patient of Dr. Viechnicki. (Skip to the final result)

In the past, I shared some before and after braces treatments that showed how to correct an anterior crossbite and spaces between teeth.

Today, I want you to see how orthodontic treatment can be done without braces.

This post shows how to correct mild crowding of the upper and lower teeth with Invisalign.

This is the first Invisalign treatment I am revealing as a before and after – please let me know what you think in the comments.

Why Invisalign?

When this college student came in to visit us for the first time, she knew that she wanted to fix her smile. She was focused on getting a great result and was ready to do whatever she needed to do to get the smile she wanted.

Each tooth is moved virtually before treatment begins. The computer-guided process give Dr. Viechnicki control over the final result.

Each tooth is moved virtually before treatment begins. The computer-guided process gives Dr. Viechnicki control over the final result.

She wanted to invest in her future and improve her smile before she entered the real world.

Invisalign is a great option for patients that come in with that kind of motivation.

The best Invisalign results are possible in patients that are highly self-motivated.

As a diligent student, she was the perfect candidate for Invisalign because she was motivated to wear her removable aligners.

In just under 1 year, she was able to align her teeth with clear aligners.

Clear Aligners Straighten Teeth

Invisalign clear aligners

Clear aligners fit over teeth to start the straightening process (present in photo)

During Invisalign treatment, our college student wore clear aligners to help straighten her teeth.

Each clear aligner was worn 22 hours a day for 14 days. At the end of those 2 weeks, she moved on to the next aligner in the sequence.

What made this student’s result so successful was careful planning of each individual tooth movement at each stage in the process.

Before and After: Lower Front Teeth

Crooked lower front teeth can wear unevenly over time. That can make getting straight teeth as an adult more difficult. Fortunately, this college student came in to get her mild crowding corrected in time.

Her lower front teeth were perfectly aligned using clear aligners (no braces).

Lower front teeth before and after Invisalign

Top image: before Invisalign, this college student had mild crowding of her lower front teeth. The lower incisors were rotated because there was not quite enough room for all the teeth to line up nicely. Bottom image: after Invisalign, there is room for all of the teeth to align. She loved feeling the smoothness of her lower front teeth after they were straightened. This is an actual patient of Dr. Viechnicki.

Before and After: Smile

I saved the best before and after comparison photographs for last.

The biggest problem that this college student had with her teeth was her smile. She came to visit us because she was self-conscious about her smile – even though she had tried whitening.

She never liked seeing that one crooked tooth in pictures. She felt embarrassed when she forgot to turn her head so that the camera would get her “good side”.

Now, with the crooked tooth tucked back where it belongs, she is no longer hesitates when smiling.

Smiles before and after Invisalign

Before Invisalign, this college student was not happy with one tooth in her smile. After Invisalign, she found real confidence in her smile. She is an actual patient of Dr. Viechnicki.

I have no doubt that this college student will put her smile to great use throughout life.

Whether at her dream job or just socializing with her friends, she can feel confident in her straight, beautiful smile.

What you think of this before and after?

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  1. it would take about a month to get my trays back. The receptionist said about 3 weeks. What is the tycipal time it takes to get them back? I have a 2 year supply that I have paid up front for, for everything. But I don’t think they would give all of them to me at once. Do I pick up a few at a time for each month I go back for a checkup? Also, should I get a copy of the 3D animation showing my teeth shifting?

  2. I saw results on Day 1! I came home with the arlengis in and my husband noticed right away that the space between my teeth was gone. You can definitely see changes within the first month or two. There really isn’t any noticeable difference in the way I talk. Sometimes the th sound is hard as well as f . But no one has ever mentioned that my speech sounded funny and I’m in front of clients every day. Cost varies. Mine were around $5K.