Manual vs. Powered Toothbrush

Which is better?

A Manual or Powered toothbrush?

Dr. Viechnicki wants to you know the answer is, BOTH.

Manual toothbrushes are just as good as the powered one when it comes to proper oral hygiene!

It’s how you use them, that equals out this conflict.

Dr. Viechnicki supplies you with BOTH a manual and the powered SONICARE toothbrush!

Our manual toothbrush has a feather soft bristles complete with a small brush tip for in between arch wires. The special powered brush is #1 recommended for braces due to its long bristles and gentle vibrations.

  • Angling the bristles across, above and under the brackets and archwires are great ways to eliminate food debris!
  • Applying circular motions to the gum-line can defeat those hard to reach places preventing the dreaded “WHITE STAINS”!

So, when you debate it whether you choose the MANUAL or POWERED toothbrush…the victor in this battle, is the one without the PLAQUE!

About Dr. Bryon Viechnicki

Dr. Bryon Viechnicki is an orthodontist and university professor. He specializes in braces and Invisalign ... Continue reading