Kutztown Trick or Treat Night 2012

Trick-or-treat in Downtown Kutztown was a lot of fun!

We handed out more than 1000 chocolate bars and toothbrushes this year! There must have been well over 1500 people filling Main St in Kutztown that night.

Chocolate is the best type of candy for braces patients. Check your bags for sticky and chewy candy. Halloween turns some braces patients into jack o’ lanterns because the sticky candy can pull apart braces. (N.B. Make sure you brush after eating candy – the process that turns sugar into acid starts within 5 minutes. Stop the acid from dissolving teeth by brushing with fluoride toothpaste)

It was great to see all of our Kutztown patients in costume. People drove in from miles around for this special night. Many traveled in from Fleetwood, PA and Macungie, PA.

Thank you to all of our staff for staying late and helping out with this wonderful community event for all of Berks County.

See also: http://www.keepinitkutztown.com/2012-downtown-trick-treat-night/

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