How about some Floss?

Let’s face it… flossing with braces can be DIFFICULT!

So many steps:

  1. There’s the package of threaders that must be looped with floss
  2. the tedious task of guiding the pointer behind your arch wire
  3. the separating of floss from threader
  4. and then… finally you can floss!

But wait, that was just for one tooth! … yes, repeat! back to step 1!

Dr.Viechnicki and his team are aware this can be overwhelming so we’d like to assure you there is another method available.

We have samples to offer that decrease the difficulty in flossing.

They are known as Orthodontic Floss Pickers.

Designed for BRACES only, these floss pickers are slim on one end and have the ability to be guided behind the archwire with ease! Its cuts flossing time and delivers motivation to complete the one time a day flossing requirement.

The Orthodontic Floss Pickers are available online, in stores and at our office where we are happy to let you take them for a test run!

It is our pleasure to help motivate you in great oral hygiene habits!

About Dr. Bryon Viechnicki

Dr. Bryon Viechnicki is an orthodontist and university professor. He specializes in braces and Invisalign ... Continue reading