February 2013 Braces Breakers Candy Count

Licorice breaks braces off teeth

How many licorice are in the jar?

The February candy count is here! This month’s Braces Breakers Candy Count is licorice.

Twizzlers are known for their braces-breaking potential. When braces patients bite together, the red licorice clumps and binds around the wire and brackets. This is a dangerous scenario when you start to open.

Don’t be surprised if you here some clicks and feel the wires bend as the licorice wreaks havoc on the braces.

As always, if you have any questions about braces-safe foods, give us a call at (610) 865-4333.

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  1. Jennifer Murgia, Easton Pa


  2. Ava Morgan, Philadelphia, PA


  3. 68 l

  4. 68

  5. April Bonavita, Bethlehem


  6. Nick Volk, Kempton, PA


  7. Congratulations to Grant F. and Emilie K.! You two are the winners of the February candy count!