Before and After: Crossbite of a Front Tooth

In this before and after, you are going to see how to fix a crossbite of a single front tooth. The pictures below are from one of our actual patients with an anterior crossbite.

A crossbite is an orthodontic term for when a top tooth improperly bites behind a bottom tooth. A single tooth crossbite is also known as a scissor bite.

When a child has a crossbite there are usually other orthodontic problems as well. Here is a picture of what a single tooth crossbite actually looks like:

Crossbite of front tooth

Crossbites occur alongside other orthodontic problems. This picture shows a child with (1) crowded teeth have prevented a tooth from coming in, (2) a top tooth is biting behind the bottom tooth instead of properly in front of it, and (3) plaque is accumulating because crooked teeth are hard to keep clean.

A crossbite needs to be corrected because it can:

  • put the tooth at risk for chipping and breaking
  • interfere with proper growth of the jaws
  • cause speech problems
  • loosen the tooth by damaging the bone around the tooth
  • create emotional stress in school-aged children

Fortunately, these problems can be avoided by visiting the orthodontist at the right age.

The best time to treat a single tooth crossbite is when it is first observed. For example, the best age for this child to visit the orthodontist would be age 8 because the tooth that is in crossbite (the maxillary lateral incisor) came into the mouth at age 8.

The best way to treat this child’s crossbite, impacted tooth and crowding is with braces.

Braces start to fix a crossbite of a front tooth

The first day braces are placed is always exciting! You can see that the braces are on all the teeth and that a wire connects the braces together. The blue color on the braces is the piece that holds the wire onto the braces.

After 8 weeks, the tooth is out of crossbite and the smile looks better. In a few more visits, the teeth are straight and the impacted tooth has come into place.

Crossbite fixed with braces

After a few months, braces fixed the front-tooth crossbite. The smile looks great now that the teeth are so straight. This is the same child in the previous two photographs – an actual patient of Dr. Viechnicki.

The treatment of the anterior crossbite was a success! The child loves his new smile and is looking forward to a lifetime of better health.

About Dr. Bryon Viechnicki

Dr. Bryon Viechnicki is an orthodontist and university professor. He specializes in braces and Invisalign ... Continue reading

  1. Betty, Bethlehem, PA :

    Dr. Bryon, that looks great! Your patient must be so happy to have such a great smile now. Can’t wait to get my braces on, so I can have a perfect smile :).

  2. Janice, Allentown :

    Just came across your blog about overbite correction. When I needed braces as a child 55 years ago my Dad was only making $45 a week and couldn’t afford them. The dentist pulled my eyeteeth for $7 instead. I have never smiled with my mouth open. Thankfully today three of my grandchildren have beautiful teeth thanks to being able to have braces. By the way, the braces 55 years ago would have cost my Dad $450-ten weeks pay. How wonderful that all my grandchildren can smile with confidence. I’m not sure they realize how fortunate they are-but I tell them often! Keep up the good work.

  3. asih indonesia :

    Good job…Doc… hmmm may I consult to you ?

    • Thank you for your comment Asih. I am happily provide consultations to local general dentists who have questions about orthodontics. If you share your email address with me, we can continue this conversation privately.
      -Dr. V

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  5. Emily, Atlanta :

    Wow, those teeth look perfect! I was wondering, how long did the child have those braces?